using imapsync and altnamespace?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Sat Nov 12 23:30:54 EST 2005

Anyone out there using the altnamespace along with imapsync?

I'm trying to move mail from a uw-imap server over to cyrus.

imapsync (which doesn't appear to have it's own mailing list?) can preform a
regex transform on the target but doesn't appear to be able to drop the
leading seperator character.

--regextrans2 's/^mail//'

It ends up trying to do:
>From Folder [mail/somefolder]
To   Folder [.somefolder]

How do I cajole it into dropping that leading period?  What's the magic
regex-fu needed?

And I'm using the altnamespace so I can have sibling folders in the mailbox
instead of stuff everything inside the Inbox.  I could live with turning it
off, doing the sync and then turning it back on again but would rather get
it right instead.


-Bill Kearney

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