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Casper casper at
Thu Nov 3 02:44:22 EST 2005

David Blewett wrote:

> I've tested out several different IMAP servers in the last few years 
> (Courier, DBMail, now Cyrus). All my personal mail is currently in 
> DBMail, and I'm trying to migrate it to Cyrus. I've got archives of a 
> few mailing lists that run to the thousands of messages. Interspersed 
> throughout these are random messages that apparently have "bare 
> newlines" or "invalid headers". When trying to move the entire folder, 
> I'll get these often reported errors.
> Is there a way to move the messages that do not have malformed 
> headers, and leave the rest? I want to move as much as I can to Cyrus, 
> but I really don't want to have to try each message seperately. 
> Alternatively, is there a tool to repair the messages with errors?
> I've tried having 2 IMAP accounts in Thunderbird, and moving from one 
> to the other. I've tried mailutil, offlineimap, and mbsync with no 
> luck. Any tips would be appreciated!
> David
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