Formatting Messages

David Blewett david at
Wed Nov 2 14:39:35 EST 2005

I've tested out several different IMAP servers in the last few years 
(Courier, DBMail, now Cyrus). All my personal mail is currently in 
DBMail, and I'm trying to migrate it to Cyrus. I've got archives of a 
few mailing lists that run to the thousands of messages. Interspersed 
throughout these are random messages that apparently have "bare 
newlines" or "invalid headers". When trying to move the entire folder, 
I'll get these often reported errors.

Is there a way to move the messages that do not have malformed headers, 
and leave the rest? I want to move as much as I can to Cyrus, but I 
really don't want to have to try each message seperately. 
Alternatively, is there a tool to repair the messages with errors?

I've tried having 2 IMAP accounts in Thunderbird, and moving from one 
to the other. I've tried mailutil, offlineimap, and mbsync with no 
luck. Any tips would be appreciated!


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