put on the subject line. was: spam

Ondrej Sury ondrej at sury.org
Tue May 17 10:09:06 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 07:43 -0500, Greg Harris wrote:
> While I agree with you that sorting is probably possible on any client, it
> is really nice when the tags are in place.  They make things much cleaner
> when the occasional e-mail jumps through the hoops because of a slight
> change in the addressing scheme.  If I can set my filter to look for any
> instance of [Info-Cyrus] in the subject line, then everything that is
> supposed to go to that folder goes and nothing else.

All mails from list has: "Sender: info-cyrus at lists.andrew.cmu.edu"
header set.  This is sufficient for all decent mail clients.

On the other hand adding List-ID: wouldn't hurt :-)

> While some subject lines do get a little messy, it is easier for a person to
> jump past all of the junk in the subject line than to move messages between
> folders.

This can be done on client side (or in your MDA), so why do it in mail
list software...?

> This is the only list that I know of that does not add a tag to
> the subject line and I have always thought that it was a little weird and
> wished it was there.

debian-*, linux-xfs, postfix, ubuntu-*, kernel-traffic, linux-kernel and
others don't add name of list to Subject.  Only lists that adds [...] I
know of is rt-*@lists.bestpractical.com.

Just my two cents, but I don't really see any good reason to do it...

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