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Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at
Wed Mar 2 15:20:57 EST 2005

Sean wrote:
> I've built new mail server and migrated over my mailboxes.  When I access
> my mailbox on the new machine all of the messages show up as unread.  
> Is there a was to preserve the message flags?

If you simply copy mailboxes over, than flags will be lost.  The only 
way to preserve them when migration is done this way is if both servers 
are running same implementation of IMAP daemon (uw-imapd to uw-imapd, or 
cyrus to cyrus).  If you are doing cyrus to cyrus migration, you should 
also copy database files where flags are stored.

Would be nice if there was a tool that is able to read Berkeley style 
mailboxes, parse them for uw-imapd headers used for storing flags, and 
creates Cyrus database based on that information.

If you are migrating from different IMAP server (for example uw-imapd to 
cyrus), one option is to use program such as imapsync.  It connects to 
source and destination servers using IMAP protocol, and copies the 
messages taking care to set flags on destination exactly as they were at 
source.  This is rather slow, but usable for single user (or for 
multiple users, depending on size of their mailboxes).

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