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Andrew Caird a_caird at
Wed Mar 2 15:16:29 EST 2005

--- Ken Murchison <ken at> wrote:

> Sean wrote:
> > I've built new mail server and migrated over my
> > mailboxes.  When I access my mailbox on the new
> > machine all of the messages show up as unread.  
> > Is there a was to preserve the message flags?
> That's entirely up to the tool that did the migration. 
> When it APPENDs the messages it should set the \Seen
> flag accordingly.

  the key word in ken's message is "migration".  because
the state isn't kept with the message (so you can read the
state of 1000s of messages without actually reading 1000s
of messages), copying mailboxes using "cp" or one of its
friends will lose the state.  if you use one of the imap
migration tools that you'll find discussed in the archives
they will the the "right thing" when they move the messages
and use imap protocol commands to read and write the
states, so the storage mechanism for said state is
irrelevant.  if you want to copy around data in plain unix
files that's a lot trickier and really probably not worth
it.  but look at files that match *db*.  


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