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Sean fitz at
Wed Mar 2 15:55:21 EST 2005

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Sean wrote:
> > I've built new mail server and migrated over my mailboxes.  When I access
> > my mailbox on the new machine all of the messages show up as unread.  
> > Is there a was to preserve the message flags?
> If you simply copy mailboxes over, than flags will be lost.  The only 
> way to preserve them when migration is done this way is if both servers 
> are running same implementation of IMAP daemon (uw-imapd to uw-imapd, or 
> cyrus to cyrus).  If you are doing cyrus to cyrus migration, you should 
> also copy database files where flags are stored.

Thanks for the input.  I am doing a cyrus to cyrus migration and I just
copied /var/spool/imap and not the db files.

I'll give it another go.

> Would be nice if there was a tool that is able to read Berkeley style 
> mailboxes, parse them for uw-imapd headers used for storing flags, and 
> creates Cyrus database based on that information.
> If you are migrating from different IMAP server (for example uw-imapd to 
> cyrus), one option is to use program such as imapsync.  It connects to 
> source and destination servers using IMAP protocol, and copies the 
> messages taking care to set flags on destination exactly as they were at 
> source.  This is rather slow, but usable for single user (or for 
> multiple users, depending on size of their mailboxes).

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