error_message() not working for Cyrus IMAP Code. "Unknown code imap" error being repeated after every command

Kaushal Mehta kaushal55 at
Thu Mar 3 12:40:17 EST 2005

Hello All,

I tried to build imap_err.h and imap_err.c from but seems
like IMAP Server always returns "Unknown code" error to the email client?.

The code being passed to error_message also seems fine and offset and
l_offset values also look good (See et/error_message.c).

The problem somehow looks to be of et_list and et structures, did
anyone face a similar problem or/and does anyone have any solution to
this problem?.

I am using 2.1.14 version of imapd and not using SASL.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Kaushal.
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