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Thu Mar 3 11:55:29 EST 2005

Derrick J Brashear wrote:

> [ ... ]
> Something I will point out, procmail is more fully-featured than 
> sieve, mostly by design. procmail can do anything you could do if you 
> were logged into the machine and had a shell. sieve has limited powers.
> So, it may not be possible to convert every procmail script to sieve.
>> I am by no means expert and it seems that your attitude might not
>> engender many others to volunteer their time to help you understand this
>> stuff.
> Actually, he was attributing the attitude to others, right? ;-)

No comment. ;-)

> We have had some internal discussions about finding a tech writer. We 
> seem to go through tech writers quickly, perhaps unlike developers 
> they are less likely to tolerate subscale wages for a more relaxed 
> environment, or perhaps as a tech writer their environment is not in 
> fact more relaxed. I don't know, I haven't been involved in exit 
> interviews for any of those we lost.
> We're looking again, though I don't know that we've advertised a 
> position. 

Thank you this is good to know.   As with other projects, occasionally a 
succinct HOWTO or similar document often is very helpful.

Might it be wise to start pooling this information at the Cyrus Wiki as 
a start?

I'm surprised at the apparent lack of coverage of Cyrus in the sysadmin 
books out there.  The best I could find is the slightly-dated nutshell 
"Managing IMAP" book.



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