2.1.13 to 2.2.12 upgrade sanity check

Jeff Blaine jblaine at mitre.org
Thu Mar 3 13:15:04 EST 2005

Can I get a sanity check here?

- Shutdown

- Update /etc/cyrus.conf for cyr_expire -E

- Add fulldirhash option to imapd.conf (I assume this is what
   is meant by setups using a b c ... z for top level dirs, etc)

- Run cvt_cyrusdb on mailboxes.db, deliver.db, tls_sessions.db

- find /var/imap/user -name \*.seen -exec /MY/PATH/bin/cvt_cyrusdb \{\} 
flat \{\}.new skiplist \; -exec mv \{\}.new \{\} \;

- Startup

- No sieve scripts byte compiled, not applicable

- Don't use ptloader, not applicable

- Don't use idled or notifyd, not applicable

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