Cyrus POP3 Issue

Marco Colombo marco at
Fri Mar 11 05:33:18 EST 2005

Rob Siemborski wrote:
> SASL doesn't generate *keys* using this, it generates *nonces*, which 
> are known to the attacker anyway, since they are transmitted in the 
> clear anyway.  It just matters that they don't repeat often enough to 
> bother precomputing values for.
> If SASL was using this for key generation, then yes, most of the 
> comments in this thread have merit.

Ok technically speaking SSL/TLS is not part of SASL. But the two are
related. Maybe I'm biased by the fact that most of the connections I see
are SSL+plaintext. So I was referring to SSL keys actually.

I have to say I'm not familiar with CRAM-MD5/DIGEST-MD5. But in the latter
the channel can be encrypted, so I guess at some point a shared session
key is generated.

> -Rob
> (Hmmm, its possible that the SRP plugin is using this for something 
> else, I'm not familiar enough with SRP and would have to ask Ken).

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