unixhierarchysep with virtdomains

ML mail mlnospam at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 05:48:48 EST 2005

Hello again

I am using the latest stable version of Cyrus IMAPd
and have some e-mail addresses containing a dot in
their address (for example:
firstname.lastname at company.com). So for that I have
activated unixhierarchysep to "on" but since then I
always get the error message from LMTP (verify_user)
that the Mailbox does not exist...

I have tryed creating mailboxes like this:

cm user.firstname.lastname at clientdomain.com
cm firstname.lastname at clientdomain.com

But none of these works, both give me "Mailbox does
not exist". Do I need another parameter maybe ? Or am
I forgetting something ?

Here is my imapd.conf file:

configdirectory: /var/cyrus
partition-default: /imap1/spool
admins: admin
sasl_pwcheck_method saslauthd
force_sasl_client_mech: login
virtdomains: on
defaultdomain: mydomain.com
unixhierarchysep: on


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