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Wed Jun 8 16:45:40 EDT 2005

I have a slight problem, and was curious what can be done to fix it.

I have a Cyrus/Postfix setup. It works great; however, we often receive 
emails that don't match the case of the accounts on cyrus (all of them 
are strictly lower case). In that event, postfix receives them OK, but 
cyrus rejects them during LMTP negotiation.

Many of our clients are sending stuff using addresses that are using all 
caps or title caps. These emails are being rejected by our system.

I totally understand that Cyrus and Postfix, for that matter, try hard 
to adhere to standards (RFC, for example). However, business is 
business... and we have to cater to our customers. Many of these 
customers are on Windows systems, and don't have control (or knowledge, 
for that matter) of their mail systems anyway.

Is there a workaround? Is there a setting for Cyrus that tells it to 
ignore case? I'm also going to post to the postfix list also.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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