message line endings on MacOSX -- UNIX vs DOS? referred from postfix list ...

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Jan 4 15:12:46 EST 2005

OpenMacNews wrote:

> hi all,
> i've built cyrus-imap-2.1.20 & postfix-2.2-20041221+tls-nonprod on osx 
> 10.3.7
> i'm using cyrus-imap as an external message store, and local deliveries 
> are handled stricly via LMTP listening on an IP Domain socket ...
> using a text editor, i note that messages (currently sent FROM a virtual 
> domain/account TO a virtual domain/account on the same server ...) show 
> up in the message store where/as expected, but have DOS-style (^M) 
> line-endings.
> i'd expect that messages are stored in the OS's 'native' format -- for OSX,
> UNIX-style.
> though my initial trudge thru the forums led me to believe that "its' the
> 'job of the MTA' to convert line-endings to native format", postfix's 
> author kindly pointed out on the postfix forum that when using LMTP 
> delivery:
>     > In that case, Postfix delivers no mail to the mailbox, and all
>     > questions about POSTFIX MAILBOX FORMAT become completely irrelevant.
> which leaves me with cyrus-imap.  (it's always the "OTHER one" ... argh!)
> anyway, can/does cyrus-imap store/process msgs w/ UNIX line endings?  
> where/how do i specify such?

Cyrus doesn't mangle line endings of messages in any way.  It expects 
them to be in RFC 2822 format (CRLF) and stores them that way on disk.

How they are stored on disk, shouldn't really matter, because *all* 
access to the messages should be via one of the Cyrus supported 
protocols (POP3, IMAP, NNTP) or tools, not by direct access to the mail 

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