message line endings on MacOSX -- UNIX vs DOS? referred from postfix list ...

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Tue Jan 4 14:01:02 EST 2005

hi all,

i've built cyrus-imap-2.1.20 & postfix-2.2-20041221+tls-nonprod on osx 10.3.7

i'm using cyrus-imap as an external message store, and local deliveries are 
handled stricly via LMTP listening on an IP Domain socket ...

using a text editor, i note that messages (currently sent FROM a virtual 
domain/account TO a virtual domain/account on the same server ...) show up in 
the message store where/as expected, but have DOS-style (^M) line-endings.

i'd expect that messages are stored in the OS's 'native' format -- for OSX,

though my initial trudge thru the forums led me to believe that "its' the
'job of the MTA' to convert line-endings to native format", postfix's author 
kindly pointed out on the postfix forum that when using LMTP delivery:

	> In that case, Postfix delivers no mail to the mailbox, and all
	> questions about POSTFIX MAILBOX FORMAT become completely irrelevant.

which leaves me with cyrus-imap.  (it's always the "OTHER one" ... argh!)

anyway, can/does cyrus-imap store/process msgs w/ UNIX line endings?  where/how 
do i specify such?



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