message line endings on MacOSX -- UNIX vs DOS? referred from postfix list ...

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Tue Jan 4 15:40:22 EST 2005

hi ken,

thx for the reply =)

>> anyway, can/does cyrus-imap store/process msgs w/ UNIX line endings?
>> where/how do i specify such?

> Cyrus doesn't mangle line endings of messages in any way.  It expects them to
> be in RFC 2822 format (CRLF) and stores them that way on disk.

ok. <reading ...>. thx.

i guess some of my (current) confusion stems from the fact that the same 
message sent from my client (Mulberry) to a cyrus imap store, and to a 
'different' server (CGPro, in this case), both of which are _supposed_ to be 
'standards compliant' (which i assume means/includes RFC 2822), ends up stored 
on disk with different line-ending formats.  specifically, cyrus-imap has 
DOS-style, and CGPro has UNIX-style.

> How they are stored on disk, shouldn't really matter, because *all* access to
> the messages should be via one of the Cyrus supported protocols (POP3, IMAP,
> NNTP) or tools, not by direct access to the mail store.

fair enuf. prob'ly good advice =)

fwiw, the primary reason i'm looking at the line endings is that i'll 
eventually be writing a migration script from other message stores to cyrus ... 
although your comments lead me to think that i should NOT do such a task via 
direct file-level access/manipulation, but rather via a protocol tool, like 
openeing/using an imap session itself ...

another reason i'm 'looking inside' is that i'm (perhaps unwisely and if/until 
i learn more abt cyrus's indexing capabilities ...) considering the use of a 
search engine (mnogosearch, in my case) on my message store, and hence, am 
interested in msgs' text formats ...

so, all that said, and recognizing that it 'shouldn't matter', and that *cyrus* 
'isn't' mangling' the line endings, am i correct in understanding, then, that 
it's NEITHER a postfix or cyrus issue?  should i be looking to my client 
(Mulberry) for a solution?  it just seems odd to be ending up with DOS line 
endings on a Mac/UNIX platform ... and that something _must_ be 'wrong'.

thx again & cheers,

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