Outlook Express, Cyrus, and altnamespace

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Thu Jan 20 02:13:27 EST 2005

> Is it possible to get Outlook Express work properly with "altnamspace:
> off"?  (OK, I know that it is hard to place "Outlook Express" and "work
> properly" in same sentence, but let ignore that for a second).
>  From what I've managed to get working (or not working) so far with
> altnamespace turned off, it looks like this:
> By default, Sent Items and Drafts folders are not usable.  Seems that OE
> can't use "INBOX.Sent Items", it must have "Sent Items".  Attempt to
> define folder for Sent Items as "INBOX.Sent Items" in OE settings
> results in message saying that folder names can't contain slash,
> backslash and dot characters.
> If I set "root folder path" option to "INBOX" in OE account config, than
> it can use Sent Items and Drafts (since now OE internally transforms
> them into top level folders).  However, now I can't see or access shared
> folders and other user's folders (only folders under my INBOX folder are
> visible).
> Another thing is that when exiting from OE, it attempts to recheck all
> folders for new messages.  If "root folder path" is set, it fails to
> authenticate (!?) and I need to retype the password.
> Question.  Is enabling altnamespace the only way to fully support
> Outlook Express clients?

>From what I heard people are using a filter rule in OE to move sent mails
to the Sent folder on the server. It's a bug which M$ knows about and they
suggest using a rule somewhere on their website.


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