Outlook Express, Cyrus, and altnamespace

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at ev.co.yu
Thu Jan 20 02:13:38 EST 2005

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Is it possible to get Outlook Express work properly with "altnamspace: 
> off"?  (OK, I know that it is hard to place "Outlook Express" and 
> "work properly" in same sentence, but let ignore that for a second).
> From what I've managed to get working (or not working) so far with 
> altnamespace turned off, it looks like this:
> By default, Sent Items and Drafts folders are not usable.  Seems that 
> OE can't use "INBOX.Sent Items", it must have "Sent Items".  Attempt 
> to define folder for Sent Items as "INBOX.Sent Items" in OE settings 
> results in message saying that folder names can't contain slash, 
> backslash and dot characters.
> If I set "root folder path" option to "INBOX" in OE account config, 
> than it can use Sent Items and Drafts (since now OE internally 
> transforms them into top level folders).  However, now I can't see or 
> access shared folders and other user's folders (only folders under my 
> INBOX folder are visible).
> Another thing is that when exiting from OE, it attempts to recheck all 
> folders for new messages.  If "root folder path" is set, it fails to 
> authenticate (!?) and I need to retype the password.

OE has a piss-poor support for IMAP namespaces. The "Root folder path" 
is the only thing that contgrolls where OE looks for other folders. The 
funny thing is, I've created shared folders ("shared.informatika.*"), if 
ACLs allow it, a user's OE will see that foilder in IMAP folders, will 
be able to subscribe to it, but will not be able to place it in the 
normal folder view, unless it is under the "Root path".

This boils down to: if you want your users to share certain folders, 
make up your mind - either have them under "user.*" hierarchy or 
"shared.*". I will also add that Mozilla works flawlessly. But mozilla 
still lacks GSSAPI authentication, so I'm forced to use OE.

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