Courier-IMAP maibox to cyrus-imap maildir

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at
Mon Jan 24 04:15:07 EST 2005


Pascal BOYER wrote:

>I just would like to know if there is a wav to convert courier-imap mailbox to Cyrus-imap maildir ?
One fool-proof mechanism is using imapsync 
(, or 
similar tools) to transfer mails from one server to another. This way 
you also get flags and such, but you have to do this per-user.

Maybe there is also a mechanism to do this on filesystem level, but I'm 
not sure if you should prefer that. (Maybe courier accepts certain (NUL) 
characters in mails that cyrus does not for instance, you won't notice 
that if you just move files.) And I'm not aware of tools that do this.


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