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Adi Linden wrote:
| Hi,
| Are there any complete mail server solutions available that are based on a
| cyrus-imap backend? I am looking for either a comprehensive guide or a
| complete solution for a mail server that can handle a few user accounts
| for multiple domains. It should include cyrus-imap mail store, MTA,
| anti-virus, anti-SPAM and webbased frontend for mail and administration.
| I figured that anyone who has done this with cyrus-imap will hopefully
| read this list. I am looking after a mail server that does this on a
| larger scale with a large and multi purpose user databae in LDAP and a
| corresponding web frontend. However, right now I don't have the time
| to shrink this into a "mailserver-in-a-box" solution.

My company, Xperience, Inc. <> has been
building mailservers using cyrus, horde/imp, mailadmin, MailScanner,
SpamAssassin, ClamAV, MailWatch, SmartSieve, etc. for the last year.  I
did it using Debian testing, which means you don't have the nice virtual
server support in cyrus at this time (still on a 2.1.16 release of
cyrus).  I also only created sasl users - no ldap, etc..

I used the bootcd package to make a bootable version of the box when it
got done and then did a live install onto the destination machine.  The
only things you then have to do are setup that machines networking,
hostnames, sasl users, etc. which usually takes about 1 hour of
tweaking.  It tended to be faster than manually installing all the
packages as the box was already configured with out customized e-mail
web content.

We don't have a disk you can buy, but it shouldn't take you too long to
build up a server image that does what you are wanting.

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