hardware sizing for a large mail installation?

Adam Tauno WIlliams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Sep 30 15:46:28 EDT 2004

> > I'm looking for pointers (past experience in particular) for sizing a
> > mail server for a large-ish mail install based on postfix, cyrus,
> > amavisd-new, clamav, spamassassin, and web mail (most likely imp)
> > serving around 100k mailboxes.
> I'm out of my league in estimating the hardware side of things, 
> but on the webmail front I would seriously reconsider using HORDE/IMP. 

We've been serving Cyrus IMAPd to users for years using Horde/IMP; 
never had any problems.  The associated Turba address book is a
wonderfully flexible package.

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