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Sun May 9 08:41:46 EDT 2004

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> Dear all,
> i have installed Cyrus Imapd with saslauthd authentication on a 
> FreeBSD Box with the FreeBSD ports.
> It is running good. I can login to cyradm with the user cyrus and can 
> create mailboxes. With saslpasswd2 i can give the user a password.
> The user can access his mailbox with imap client. Also sendmail is 
> delivering mails to the mailboxes very well.
> My problem is now
> 1. in cyradm (logged in as cyrus who is defined as admin in 
> imapd.conf) i can´t delete mailboxes. Message is permission denied.
> 2. The User have no permission to create his own folders into his mailbox.
> best regards,
> Stefan Fritze

I just went through this myself.  Make sure you create mail boxes in the 
user.<username> directory; or user/<username if using UNIX pathing.

Here is a very good link regarding your problem, as well as proper setup 
of mailboxes:

Good luck!

Jim Sabatke
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