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Sun May 9 06:47:09 EDT 2004

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> 1. in cyradm (logged in as cyrus who is defined as admin in imapd.conf) i
can´t delete mailboxes. Message is > permission denied.

Administrators don't have permission to delete mailboxes by default. It
must be given explicitly.

I'm using version 2.1.15, so this informatio is correct for that version:

Only users who have create "c" permission on a mailbox can also delete it.
Use the listacelmailbox command in cyradm to see mailbox permissions:

    lam user.xxxxx

To give cyrus create permission in order to be able to delete a mailbox:

    sam user.xxxxx cyrus c

Now the mailbox can be deleted:

    dm user.xxxxx

> 2. The User have no permission to create his own folders into his mailbox.

Not sure about that one. What does lam user.xxxxx say? Does the user have
create permission?


> best regards,

> Stefan Fritze

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