problem with user rights in imapd

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Sun May 9 05:53:38 EDT 2004

Dear all,

i have installed Cyrus Imapd with saslauthd authentication on a FreeBSD Box with the FreeBSD ports.
It is running good. I can login to cyradm with the user cyrus and can create mailboxes. With saslpasswd2 i can give the user a password.
The user can access his mailbox with imap client. Also sendmail is delivering mails to the mailboxes very well.
My problem is now

1. in cyradm (logged in as cyrus who is defined as admin in imapd.conf) i can´t delete mailboxes. Message is permission denied.

2. The User have no permission to create his own folders into his mailbox.

best regards,

Stefan Fritze
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