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Dudi Goldenberg Dudi at
Mon Jun 14 21:36:27 EDT 2004

Sounds good!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am fairly experienced, done lots of sendmail installations to a manual
modification of ;-), A/V, spam filters etc., so I guess I'll
manage - probably with some help from this list....

This customer is also a personal friend of mine, you can understand my




  You might want to look at this information on CMU's installation:

  Cyrus IMAP is more complicated than UWIMAP, for example, but it does
things UWIMAP can't do - multiple access being one of them.  And it's
terribly complicated, allow some time for testing, and know that when
got it sorted out, it will be very reliable.  32,000+ CMU Tartans can't
wrong, can they? 
  Not knowing what the real requirements you have are, or your general
experience level with this sort of thing, I can't begin to guess how
much time
you'll invest.  You'll probably be able to get a test-bed up and going
in less
than a week.  Test until your happy, and to prove to yourself that the
does what you want and need.  
  Hope this helps, and good luck.
Andrew Caird

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