newbie question

John Arthur lists at
Mon Jun 14 22:12:09 EDT 2004

Hi Dudi,

> I am fairly experienced, done lots of sendmail installations to a manual
> modification of ;-), A/V, spam filters etc., so I guess I'll
> manage - probably with some help from this list....

If you do not mind my asking. If you are so familiar with sendmail, why do
you want to use postfix with Cyrus?

>Now, not being familiar with Cyrus at all, I wonder what am I facing
>here time wise, complexity, reliability etc.

Well I guess that would depend on what type of system you are installing it
on. Simon Matter provides an excellent RPM for RedHat which is what I have
based my (customised) setup on. As far as reliability goes Cyrus is an
outstanding piece of software.


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