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Mon Jun 14 20:26:20 EDT 2004

Quoting Dudi Goldenberg <Dudi at>:

> Hello list,
> I need to provide a solution to one of my customers.
> They expect around 6000-8000 emails a day, no big issue here, postfix
> will handle this part.
> There are only 10 users accounts on this site, but all 10 accounts are
> simultaneously active on all 10 machines.
> Some reading on Cyrus site made Cyrus IMAP my choice due to its multiple
> access abilities per mailbox.
> Now, not being familiar with Cyrus at all, I wonder what am I facing
> here time wise, complexity, reliability etc.
> Any comments, pros/cons, recommendations are welcomed.

  You might want to look at this information on CMU's installation:

  Cyrus IMAP is more complicated than UWIMAP, for example, but it does many
things UWIMAP can't do - multiple access being one of them.  And it's not
terribly complicated, allow some time for testing, and know that when you've
got it sorted out, it will be very reliable.  32,000+ CMU Tartans can't be
wrong, can they? 
  Not knowing what the real requirements you have are, or your general
experience level with this sort of thing, I can't begin to guess how much time
you'll invest.  You'll probably be able to get a test-bed up and going in less
than a week.  Test until your happy, and to prove to yourself that the software
does what you want and need.  
  Hope this helps, and good luck.
Andrew Caird
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