Cyrus Lmtp vs Deliver

Kevin Baker kbaker at
Wed Jun 9 13:13:16 EDT 2004

On the "real" scsi hard RAID, I agree but...

For those of us currently using Managed hosting, IDE
drives might be the only option up front. While hardware
RAID and SCSI are with out a doubt *much* better...
the following makes sense to me:

- IDE soft RAID server handles 3000 users NP
- it slows at 5000 users
- why not partition to a second server to keep load down?
- if it was fine with 3000 users it stands to reason
   that this would be fine partitioned.
- Aren't 2 cheap serv's w/ HA better than one
   better server as a single point of failure?

Again I'm new at this... as the user base and budget grows
I'm all about zippy'r servers. However up front we could
grab a couple 80GB sRAID 1.5GB RAM machines for only $300
a month. While a single 73SCSI RAID w/ less ram is around
$500/m. With 2 cheaper machines I can have HA/Failover.

So, I'm sure there's holes in it... I just want to get
this out there. I'm guessing there are alot of people in a
similiar situation, using *cheap* managed hosting due to
budget constraints.


> Just posting this for a heads up. Not a question, just
> info.
> We just switched from "Cyrus deliver" to "LMTP" transport.
> from: mail_transport=cyrus
> to: mail_transport=lmtp
> Once we reached about 600 user we were having problems
> with:
> - corrupt mailboxes (needed to be reconstructed)
> - cyrus deliver program freezing (no new messages)
> We switched to use LMTP for the Postfix transport. All of
> our problems went away and the system performance has
> improved noticeably.
> Unfortunately, I never located the specific issues that
> were causing our problems. This did fix it though.
> I thought this might be helpful for others searching the
> archives. "Just use lmtp"
> -Kevin
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