Cyrus HA Scalable Solution? Rsync

Jason Munro jason at
Wed Jun 9 13:43:44 EDT 2004

On 11:50:02 am 06/09/04 "Kevin Baker" <kbaker at> wrote:
> Thanks for you reply Jason.
> Have you had any instances where you have needed the
> failover?

Not yet :)

> Are you using IP takeover to the synced mailstore or just
> using the rsync as a backup solution?

Just as a backup for the time being. We will automate the take-over process
as much as possible, once I get to that point on my todo list :)

> Rsync makes sense to me, but when I posted a few people
> seems to say DRBD  was a better way to go. I think I'm
> going to look into this too.
> Thanks again.

\__ Jason Munro
 \__ jason at

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