cyrus-sasl-2.1.18 and cyrus-imap-2.2.5

Craig Marchant CraigM at
Sun Jun 13 20:29:13 EDT 2004

Hi Nix,

Thanks for the reply. I've tested IMAP using the imtest utility and it
still reports the same error over and over again.  I thought I would add
some more info about my problem

I'm using IMAP -> saslauthd -> pam_mysql -> mysql

As stated before, it works with pop3 and smtp-auth, just not with imap
at all.

If anybody can help out, t'would be appreciated.



>>> Nikola Milutinovic <Nikola.Milutinovic at> 06/12/04 10:24 PM
Craig Marchant wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm having a problem with imap authentication using the above 
> mentioned products.
> I've setup the system to correctly authenticate pop3 and smtp-auth, 
> but whenever I try to authenticate using imap and cyrus sasl I get the

> following error just after pressing enter on the login line:
> NO Login failed: can't request info until later in exchange

I'm not sure what this means. Cyrus IMAP has a utility called "imtest", 
which can test IMAP authentication. See "imtest -h" for options.


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