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Andrew J Caird Andrew.Caird at fccc.edu
Sun Jun 13 18:23:25 EDT 2004

Quoting Yann Gabriel Carlier <yann at wetserver.com>:

> I just installed fedora 2 and I want to have it runing POP and sendmail...
> Do I nead to create acounts? where?
> [root at localhost web-cyradm-0.5.4]# cyradm
> cyradm> cm user.emma
> createmailbox: no connection to server
> cyradm>

  You do need to create accounts, or at least link mailboxes with accounts drawn
from somewhere else (PAM, LDAP, MySQL, etc.).  You've almost got the mailbox
creation part right, but you need to tell cyradm which server you want it to
operate on.  To do that, run it like:
    [root at localhost web-cyradm-0.5.4]# cyradm localhost
    cyradm> auth admin
    [enter password]
    cyradm> cm user.emma
Hope this gets you started.
Andrew Caird
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