2.2.6 does not compile due to ./configure bug

Olaf Zaplinski o.zaplinski at broadnet-mediascape.de
Sun Jun 20 12:59:12 EDT 2004

Hi again,

Olaf Zaplinski wrote:
> Hi all,
> imapd-2.2.6 does not compile, even 2.2.4 does not. The latest release 
> that compiles well is 2.2.3.
> my configure line:
> [...]

I found the solution! Someone included a bug here, I guess, it was with 
version 2.2.4.

I had to edit imap/Makefile.in, in line 66 change



CPPFLAGS = -I.. -I$(srcdir)/../lib -I$(srcdir)/../sieve @COM_ERR_CPPFLAGS@ 

and imapd compiles fine.

Any comments on this? It would be great if this would not become another 
"ancient" bug some day like this "/usr/local/local" bug that is there since 2.0.

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