From address reported in bounce messages with cyrus-imapd, sendmail and ldap routing

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Sun Jun 20 12:46:21 EDT 2004

Adi Linden wrote:
> I have yet another annoying little detail I ran into. I am using ldap 
> routing with sendmail to direct mail (in the future) to multiple 
> cyrus-imapd mail stores. When the cyrus-imapd box generates a bounce email 
> it reports the email failed address as the mail stores address (i.e. 
> joedoe at instead of the address prior to ldap routing 
> (i.e. joedoe at How can I fix the email addresses to be "proper"?

You can:

* make sendmail use ldap query as genericstable map to make sendmail rewrite 
the addresses in bounces to the version you want


* make sendmail check presence of cyrus mailbox before accepting the incoming 
recipient [it also protects you against "dictionary recipient" spam]

BTW Do you plan to use "autocreate inbox" patch ?

Exim's version of "real time integration" recipe is alo available

* Real Time Cyrus (& Sendmail) Integration Version 2
* Real Time Cyrus and Exim Integration
* Virtual Hosting with Sendmail [info about genericstable]
* Using LDAP For Aliases, Maps, And Classes
*  Autocreate INBOX patch for Cyrus

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