UoA patches for Cyrus imap 2.2.6 are out.

Aristotelis arisg at noc.uoa.gr
Sun Jun 20 13:18:24 EDT 2004

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Simon Matter wrote:

   Hello Simon, 

> >
> >  The Uoa patches for cyrus imap 2.2.6 are out today.
> Have there been changes since the 2.2.5 release? I have published updated
> rpms with the patches from 2.2.5, so I'm interested whether it's just a
> rediff for 2.2.6 or there were other changes.
> Thanks,
> Simon

  No, no changes from the patches for 2.2.5. I just made sure that
the patches apply without any errors, they compile and they work on some test cases
without error, and that no ultra-big-super mistake was made (hopefully :)) ). So
you can keep the rmps with the patches from 2.2.5. If some bug is reported, 
or a suggestion is made then the patches will change (and the list will be 
informed accordingly).

   Best regards, 
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