some imap problems.

Paul Dorneanu spooky at
Sun Jun 20 16:15:29 EDT 2004

I have for quite some time some problems with one account that has over 
14,000 emails in the inbox only.
Of course there are filters set to run from squirrelmail.

On the first try to log in usual get this error from the webmail:
IMAPD dropped the connection and mentioning a filter name or something else.
Second try usually works logging in... it happens again after 
undetermined period of unaccessing that mailbox.
Also I am getting lots of those messages when accesing that mailbox.
Jun 20 15:08:12 ns1 imap[9549]: SQUAT failed to open index file
Jun 20 15:08:12 ns1 imap[9549]: SQUAT failed

I realise this is due to lots of emails there so...
I think the problem is somewhere related to tunning...

How can I fix this or how can I improve things?


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