Need help to install a Cyrus Server on a FC2

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Mon Jun 21 17:24:21 EDT 2004

> UNIT-ISO wrote:
>> Right now, I use the default IMAP server that comes with
>> Fedora 1, but some messages boxes weight more than 100mb, and is really
>> painfull try to read this accounts periodically.
> The default IMAP daemon in RedHat/Fedora is UW-imapd.  It store mail in
> mbox format.  Cyrus imapd use a different mailbox format.  You need to
> understand that, if you use Cyrus imapd, you will have to migrate your
> mail from the mbox format to the Cyrus format.  This is non-trivial, but
> the Cyrus WiKi have info about how to that.
>> Resume: I wanna know if someone can tell me about what packages I need
>> to install, and if a I need RPMs or install from sources, and if you can
>> send me the right configuration files, etc, etc....
> For a standalone server, Simon Matter rpm for Cyrus work quite well out
> of the box.  See
> ===
> Side question for Simon : do you plan to have your Cyrus rpm integrate
> in some official or quasi-official Fedora repository, like or
> Freshrpms ?

My rpms have been included by RedHat into Fedora Core 2. They immediately
made some changes which broke compatibility with everything before Fedora
Core 2.
I will continue my own packages.


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