"554 Message contains NUL characters"

Akihiro KAYAMA kayama at personal-media.co.jp
Tue Jun 29 00:48:32 EDT 2004

In article <Pine.LNX.4.60-041.0406281529460.13926 at sourcefour.andrew.cmu.edu>,
Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at andrew.cmu.edu> writes:

rjs3> On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Olaf Lautenschlaeger wrote:
rjs3> > after seeing that this problem has been discussed
rjs3> > (a few weeks ago) but not solved, I'd like to ask
rjs3> > if there is something available to get rid of these
rjs3> >
rjs3> > 554 Message contains NUL characters (in
rjs3> >       reply to end of DATA command)
rjs3> >
rjs3> > bounces, meanwhile?
rjs3> These messages are badly formed and cannot be received successfully.
rjs3> If the sender wants you to receive them, they should look at the bounce 
rjs3> and realize they are sending you broken messages, and stop doing that.
rjs3> -Rob

I want to receive them, because:

1. old rfc822(not 2822) does not forbid to use NUL chars. Many MTAs
   and MDAs can deal with NUL chars without complaining. I don't want
   to explain the details why I can't receive mails which others can

2. they are almost SPAM which have forged sender. So bouncing them
   will be ill-mannered behavior.

And I know NUL chars are nightmare for applications which use ANSI-C
string functions. I suggest a feature getting rid of NUL chars with
warning log when the server receives mails.

-- kayama
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