mailutil permission denied when setting flags

Andrew J Caird Andrew.Caird at
Thu Jul 1 08:49:17 EDT 2004

Hello all:
  For the record, this turns out to be a mailutil problem, as far as I can tell.
 It appears as though mailutil successfully copies the messages from oldServer
to newServer, but then tries to set the flags on the messages on oldServer,
when it should be doing it on newServer, it just gets mixed up about which
server to talk to.  Fortunately, it has the sense to open oldServer read only,
and that's where the "Permission Denied" message comes from.  Unfortunately,
the mailutil code is less than transparent, so I haven't yet found where the
mix-up happens.
  I'll be asking on the pine mailing list, and digging through the mailutil code
to try to make this work.
  By the way, my reasons for using mailutil for migrations are:
1. It lets me authenticate as admin to move a user's mailbox, so I don't have to
know any passwords other than admin.
2. I can move mailboxes one by one, which I don't think I can do by going to
"copy data, upgrade databases" method described in the documentation.
  If anyone knows of an existing tool that does what I like about mailutil, but
works, I'd certainly be happy to hear about it.
  Thank you.
Andrew Caird

Quoting Andrew J Caird <andrew.caird at>:

> Hello all,
>   I'm migrating from two servers, one Cyrus 2.1.15 and one UW IMAP, to a
> single Cyrus 2.2.6 server.
> Using mailutil, I am able to migrate from the UW IMAP server to the
> 2.2.6 server with great success - all of the state is kept, and all of the
> messages make it across.
> However, when trying to migrate from 2.1.15 to 2.2.6 using mailutil I
> lose the state because mailutil can't seem to write to the seen
> database and mailutil tells me only:
> 	0000002d STORE 22 +Flags (\Seen)
> 	0000002d NO Permission denied
> 	Permission denied
> 	 () "29-Jun-2004 16:55:20 -0400" {4638}
> 	+ go ahead
> 	0000002e STORE 22 +Flags (\Seen)
> 	0000002e NO Permission denied
> My mailutil command is below.  This happens when going from INBOX to
> INBOX, or to any other folder.  Note also that I'm migrating from a Cyrus
> server altnamespace:no (implied) to one with altnamespace:yes and
> hashimapspool:1.
> There are no errors logged on the Cyrus side and telemetry doesn't seem to
> shed any light on things (which seems odd, but I really can't find
> anything).
> The fact that migration from a UWIMAP server works fine implies that the
> problem is not strictly on the side of the 2.2.6 Cyrus server, but it
> seems to be in the combination of mailutil, 2.1.15, and 2.2.6.
> I know this isn't a mailutil/pine list, but does anyone have any light to
> shed on this?
> Thanks a lot.
> --
> Andrew Caird
> mailutil append -verbose -debug  \
>     {pollux/novalidate-cert/authuser=admin/user=acaird}user.acaird  \
>     {joker/novalidate-cert/authuser=admin/user=acaird}

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