MURDER or IMAP proxy solution ?

Greg Pulfer mlnospam at
Mon Jul 5 03:05:14 EDT 2004

--- Jim Levie <jim at> wrote:

> I'd agree with that in ordinary mail environment,
> but not necessarily at
> an ISP. In my experience there's significantly more
> work & training
> involved with the account management part than just
> server setup.
> Changing from a single server to an aggregator would
> mean re-writing the
> account maintenance scripts and re-training help
> desk folks, etc. So if
> I anticipated needing an aggregator in the future
> for scaling or
> availability I's start with one.

That's what we thought too, I would also prefer to get
all the complicated stuff sorted out right ahead and
this will also give some kind of experience with
MURDER when we still are small and where inexperience
human errors would not have a bad impact.

Anyway we are going to start small, one backend server
and one frontend server with Sendmail and MUPDATE
server running directly on it.

Thanks again too all of you guys who gave me their
opinion !


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