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Craig Ringer craig at
Mon Jul 5 02:59:37 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 13:14, Allen Unueco wrote:


> I've found a few mbox2imap scripts and but none of them work completely. The
> one from worked the best, but on the two large
> mbox files I've tried both exited out with an error during imap.append()
> claiming the email had a bad header. I wish I could get some more detailed info
> regarding the 'bad header' but thats all I get.

I do wish the Cyrus error message would include something that
identified the header and message ... but I suppose that's really the
client's problem. Clients should print this info when they print an
error about a failed message insertion. Most, unfortunately, don't.


> Has anyone had these problems before?


> What is the best way to bring legacy email into Cyrus?

I found mailutil from the uw-imap distribution did the trick fine. If
you run it in verbose mode, it'll also let you identify what message
it's complaining about when you get errors about bad headers or messages
containing NULL characters.

I was migrating from another IMAP server, but it's probably even easier
from mbox because you can easily fix the mbox files.

Craig Ringer

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