upgrade 2.0.9 => 2.1.15

Edward Rudd eddie at omegaware.com
Mon Jul 5 01:23:41 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-04 at 12:13, David Schmitter wrote:
> Hi all
> I am upgrading our mail server from 2.0.9 on redhat to 2.1.15 on debian. 
>   I have noticed that I can't use the cyrus.* files in the mailboxes, if 
> I do the imap server will tell me there's no such mailbox. I can use 
> cyrreconstruct to generate them. But ain't I losing some information 
> here: flags and seen state?
the no such mailbox error is most likely generated because the
mailboxes.db wasn't transfered over..  the cyrus.* files should transfer
perfectly file. but you need to make sure you also copy the mailboxes.db
from the cyrus imap config directory (/var/lib/imap)

Also it is recommended to use 2.2.3 now, (or 2.2.6, but I'd wait until
2.2.7 comes out as there are a few quirks with quota in 2.2.6)

> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> David
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