ANNOTATEMORE Patch submission

Stephan Buys list at
Mon Jul 5 04:06:05 EDT 2004

Dear all,

Please find attached two patches for the ANNOTATEMORE facility of Cyrus IMAP.

Patch one adds /vendor/kolab support to Cyrus, I am submitting it on behalf of
the Kolab developers and partners. We will be using ANNOTATEMORE to identify 
folder types, and would greatly appreciate the addition of our vendor tag into
Cyrus IMAP. Our IANA OID is 19414 for reference...

The second patch is optional, and more of a suggestion from the Kolab developers.
This will add support for /vendor/* to ANNOTATEMORE. Maybe it is worthwhile
considering this option, it should not have any foreseeable negative impact on 
the server, and going forward it would add a lot of flexibility to the ANNOTAMORE
function, thus speeding up adoption thereoff.

For any interested parties the work related to this patch is being actively 
discussed at:

On behalf of the Kolab developers. (

Kind regards,
Stephan  Buys
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