lmtp read timeout

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Sun Jan 4 16:27:13 EST 2004


i'm using Cyrus 2.1.12 and Postfix 2.0.6 (SuSE 8.2).
Since a year i'm working with Cyrus and had no problems i couldn't solve 
but this lmtp read timeout is driving me around the bend.  ;-)   Thats 
why i'm starting this discussion:

I administrate several mailsystems for different companies. As i'm a 
LINUX fan they all run on that lovely system.  :-)
2 months ago one of the servers stopped delivering eMails with the hint: 
"lmtp read timeout". Since then i tried to get more information about 
lmtp and Cyrus but i failed. Do not misunderstand: I googled that 
problem for hours and read through multiple mail archives but the result 
didn't satisfy me. Obviously i'm not the only one with that problem but 
nobody had a real solution. Again i had to realize that Cyrus is a nice 
piece of software but not well documented. I hope together we will 
overcome that problem.

Summary of my knowledge about this issue:
Postfix (or any other MTA) gets an eMail for local delivery. After 
checking wether to accept the mail or not Postfix will scan for viruses 
and SPAM (in my case). Finally the mail will be given to the MDA Cyrus. 
LMTP transports the mail from Postfix to Cyrus because Postfix can't 
store the mail directly in the Cyrus mailbox.
This transport from Postfix to Cyrus fails and the logfile says: lmtp 
read timeout.

   1.  -> lmtp read timeout <- What problem is meant ? Postfix is
      writing to the unix socket but nobody reads from the socket or
      Cyrus is reading from the socket but nobody is writing to it ?
   2. How can that happen ? The unix-socket is starting on boot and
      isn't supposed to read/write all the time. That would mean Postfix
      has to initiate a connection to sign that the reading should
      start.  So, Postfix can establish a connection but can't send the
      mail through ?
   3. Any other ideas ??


Marek Lindner

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