nntp fiddling

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Sun Jan 4 17:37:59 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Yes, it uses IHAVE.  I can take a look at adding support for POST (the 
> commands are almost identical).  Does your provider also require you to 
> authenticate?

Ken, I'd like to try out this support too, I've been hanging around 
waiting for it to more stable (and get features like these added). In my 
case, I'd be mirroring newsgroups from 4-5 different servers, none of 
which I can get a feed from. That means using reader mode only, for both 
retrieval and posting; in my case, none of them require authentication 
(they are either public servers or use IP authentication (my ISP)).

I don't have 2.2.x installed yet, but my server will be undergoing a 
major rebuild in the next week or two and I'm looking forward to trying 
this out. It will be used in combination with SquirrelMail, so I'm 
hoping the news folders will be easily usable from there.

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