Problems with lmtp delivery on 2.2.2-BETA

Matthew Hodgson matthew at
Thu Jan 8 13:54:45 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:
> One thing you missed in your patch was the downcasing of the 
> domain for 
> something like user+detail at domain.

Hm, I didn't know whether forcedowncase was actually meant to affect the
domain or not.  Moreover, the domain seemed to be being downcased elsewhere
anyway, so I left it be.  Making it explicit in process_recipient like this
seems cleaner, though.

> I've written my own 
> patch, based on 
> yours which I *think* handles all cases (at least it doesn in my test 
> harness).  Try the attached patch and let me know how it 
> works before I 
> commit it.

Applied it, appears to work like a charm :)
> > In other news, the latest CVS doesn't compile from clean 
> Any time that is updated, you need to re-make 
> the configure 
> script:

ooops, I was trying to re-make with a simple make distclean & autogen. Mea



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