Authentication error SOLVED

Phil Brutsche phil at
Fri Jan 9 14:20:15 EST 2004

Christiano Anderson wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I've finally found out the problem, and believe, it's really a bug,
> either of Cyrus or SASL 2.


> But it's a bug, and it must be fixed ASAP.

The bug is in LDAP, and the fix is OpenLDAP 2.1 (as a Debian 3.0 user -
like me - you have OpenLDAP 2.0).  The version of OpenLDAP you are using
is linked against an older (and binary incompatible) SASL, and won't
compile with a newer version.  OpenLDAP 2.1 works with SASL 2.1 and is 
confirmed (by me and others, check the list archives) to fix the problem.

> I've tried both using SASL via PAM and via LDAP direcly. Same
> problem.
> I don't know why that problem happens. There is no an appearant
> cause.

Basically, you have: Cyrus 2.1 -> SASL 2.1 -> OpenLDAP 2.0 -> SASL 1.5
-> segmentation fault.


Phil Brutsche
phil at

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