Sieve works but sieveshell/sivtest fails

Markus Wernig listener at
Sun Jan 11 08:06:19 EST 2004


I have done a fresh compile of cyrus-imap 2.2.2-Beta on Solaris 9.
Everything works quite as expected (it took some time to find out about
the new bytecode format of sieve scripts, though).

The only thing that keeps failing is sieve access via the sieve socket.

# sivtest -u user localhost (with or without further options)
always results in:
# failure: SASL initialization

# sieveshell -u user localhost 
has sieveshell die with:
# unable to connect to server at /usr/local/bin/sieveshell line 174

When I enter a "print $!" in sieveshell after the call to
sieve_get_handle I get a "Bad file number" - rather obviously, as the
call didn't complete successfully and no handle was returned.

Both methods (sivtest and sieveshell) give me no error in
/var/log/local6.log. The log shows the connection attempt though:

Jan 11 13:58:07 alhambra master[12536]: [ID 392559 local6.debug] about
to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/timsieved
Jan 11 13:58:07 alhambra sieve[12536]: [ID 518349 local6.debug] executed
Jan 11 13:58:07 alhambra sieve[12536]: [ID 921384 local6.debug] accepted
Jan 11 13:58:07 alhambra master[7914]: [ID 310780 local6.debug] process
12536 exited, status 0

And that's all I see.

Have I missed something in the upgrade process? Any pointers anyone
please? At the moment I'm hand-editing the scripts for each user and
compiling them via sievec as cyrus, since the directory permissions
won't allow users access to their scripts in /usr/sieve (where they were
copied from a 2.1 installation)

thx /markus

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