Questions after installing cyrus on a FreeBSD box

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Sun Jan 11 01:57:41 EST 2004

Hello everyone.

I was doing some testing with cyrus at home this weekend on a FreeBSD 4.9
system. I built cyrus out of the ports tree and specifed a few options on
the command line. However, i've run into a few things I cant quite seem to
figure out exactly and was hoping to get some help here.

Did a fresh, install of FreeBSD 4.9. CVSUP my ports and source tree.

After that, I did the following:

Went to /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd2

I edited the make file and changed the USE_BDB_VER from 
USE_BDB_VER=    41
(Not sure if I had to, but was testing)

I then specified the following options on the command line, in the
cyrus-imapd2 port: 

make -DWITH_DB_VER=41 -DWITH_MURDER=yes install clean

added a user and cyradm user to the sasldb2 database...

Now when I run a imtest, to see if cyrus is working, I get the following
errors in my auth.log:

centralcore imapd[188]: OTP unavailable because can't read/write key
database /etc/opiekeys: No such file or directory
centralcore imapd[188]: no user in db

The first line, I as able to fix. There was not a /etc/opiekeys file. So I
created one and made cyrus the owner. That one went away.

But the second one repeats over and over when I test with imtest.
/usr/local/bin/imtest -m login -a testuser localhost

Anyone have any idea's on what that is? Why is it popping up? 
What is the fix for it?

I've been beating my head around tonight, trying to figure it out, but cant
seem to put a finger on it.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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