unix hierarchy delimiter

Joe Thomas joe_thomas at cnt.com
Fri Jan 30 12:16:14 EST 2004

	Thanks so Joe Hrbek [jhrbek at gplsinc.com] I've resolved the issue.
To follow up, here was my 'lm' and 'lam':

localhost> lm
INBOX.Drafts (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Sent (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Trash (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
user/jpt (\HasChildren)
user/jpt/Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user/jpt/Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user/jpt/Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user/s.schahn (\HasChildren)
user/s.schahn/Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user/s.schahn/test (\HasNoChildren)

localhost> lam *
  jpt lrswipcda
  jpt lrswipcda
  jpt lrswipcda
  jpt lrswipcda
  s.schahn lrswipcda
  s.schahn lrswipcda
  s.schahn lrswipcda
localhost> lam INBOX*
localhost> lam INBOX.Drafts
anyone lrswipcda
localhost> lam INBOX.Sent
anyone lrswipcda
localhost> lam INBOX.Trash
anyone lrswipcda

The original problem is that the 'INBOX.*' for everyone was sitting at the
top level. Joe Hrbek inquired about the ACL and observed that user cyrus
needed permissions to the user's mailbox. Mail is now correctly stored in
the individual mailboxes as opposed to attempting to store everyone's
incoming/trash/drafts/sent mail in a shared top level.

BTW: I have been using cyradm to create the mailboxes. I will now look into
why cyrus isn't given permission when the toplevel user mailbox is created.

Thanks Joe!!!

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Joe Thomas wrote:

> 	I also recently changed to 'unixhierachysep: yes' and
> have a slightly different problem with INBOX*. In my case,
> I've used the correct cm, however, I only get 1 set of INBOX^*
> folders at the top level and no INBOX'es for individual users.
> I use SquirrelMail as a WEB interface and everyone can see
> anything in the INBOX'es.  I'm still in the process of bringing
> the whole system up so I only have two or three users at the
> moment for testing purposes. Anyways, if anyone has thoughts on
> what might be going on, I'd appreciate hearing them.

I'm nto sure I understand the problem.  This might be an issue with 
squirrelmail, but I don't know.  If you can post the output of cyradm 
lm, we might be able to help.

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