unix hierarchy delimiter

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Fri Jan 30 12:34:30 EST 2004

Joe Thomas wrote:

> 	Thanks so Joe Hrbek [jhrbek at gplsinc.com] I've resolved the issue.
> To follow up, here was my 'lm' and 'lam':
> localhost> lm
> INBOX.Drafts (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
> INBOX.Sent (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
> INBOX.Trash (\NonExistent \HasNoChildren)
> user/jpt (\HasChildren)
> user/jpt/Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
> user/jpt/Sent (\HasNoChildren)
> user/jpt/Trash (\HasNoChildren)
> user/s.schahn (\HasChildren)
> user/s.schahn/Trash (\HasNoChildren)
> user/s.schahn/test (\HasNoChildren)

Wait an minute.  Assuming you authenticated to the server as an admin, 
you have two sets of user INBOXes (jpt and s.schahm) and 3 shared 
folders INBOX.*.

> localhost> lam *
> user/jpt:
>   jpt lrswipcda
> user/jpt/Drafts:
>   jpt lrswipcda
> user/jpt/Sent:
>   jpt lrswipcda
> user/jpt/Trash:
>   jpt lrswipcda
> user/s.schahn:
>   s.schahn lrswipcda
> user/s.schahn/Trash:
>   s.schahn lrswipcda
> user/s.schahn/test:
>   s.schahn lrswipcda
> localhost> lam INBOX*
> localhost> lam INBOX.Drafts
> anyone lrswipcda
> localhost> lam INBOX.Sent
> anyone lrswipcda
> localhost> lam INBOX.Trash
> anyone lrswipcda

The above ACLs are correct, assuming that you have defaultacl set to 

> The original problem is that the 'INBOX.*' for everyone was sitting at the
> top level. Joe Hrbek inquired about the ACL and observed that user cyrus
> needed permissions to the user's mailbox.

I'm confused, the cyrus admin does *not* need access to user mailboxes 
for delivery to take place (at least for the INBOX).  What exactly as 
you trying to do.

> Mail is now correctly stored in
> the individual mailboxes as opposed to attempting to store everyone's
> incoming/trash/drafts/sent mail in a shared top level.
> BTW: I have been using cyradm to create the mailboxes. I will now look into
> why cyrus isn't given permission when the toplevel user mailbox is created.

What toplevel user INBOX?  As I said above, the INBOX.* mailboxes don't 
belong to anybody, they are shared and get defaultacl when they are 
created.  The user/<userid> mailboxes are the actual INBOXes and have 
the owner getting all rights by default.
> Thanks Joe!!!
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> Joe Thomas wrote:
>>	I also recently changed to 'unixhierachysep: yes' and
>>have a slightly different problem with INBOX*. In my case,
>>I've used the correct cm, however, I only get 1 set of INBOX^*
>>folders at the top level and no INBOX'es for individual users.
>>I use SquirrelMail as a WEB interface and everyone can see
>>anything in the INBOX'es.  I'm still in the process of bringing
>>the whole system up so I only have two or three users at the
>>moment for testing purposes. Anyways, if anyone has thoughts on
>>what might be going on, I'd appreciate hearing them.
> I'm nto sure I understand the problem.  This might be an issue with 
> squirrelmail, but I don't know.  If you can post the output of cyradm 
> lm, we might be able to help.

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